Conversational Intelligence

SILVIA is an artificial intelligence that sits at the intersection of human input and machine processing. It is the easiest and most secure way to add conversational voice intelligence to any device or platform — mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, AR and VR headsets, Web browsers, OEM IoT sensors and devices.

Made Easy

SILVIA’s patented technologies are the most advanced, flexible and portable system for creating the next wave of immersive conversational experiences. Designed from the ground up with developers in mind, the SILVIA Platform is built for speed to accelerate real-world application development. And unlike other natural language solutions, SILVIA’s lightweight Core can run directly and securely on devices to provide rich engaging user experiences with no server connection required.


IOT Board

IoT and
Mobile Devices

SILVIA is the only comprehensive NLP solution that will run natively and securely inside small devices. Android? iOS? Embedded Linux? Raspberry Pi? It’s no problem for SILVIA. With a small runtime size and efficient intelligence engine, SILVIA is the perfect voice interface for devices operating on the 'Edge.'

Gracie VR Simulation

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Entertainment

SILVIA brings virtual worlds to life with expressive, engaging characters and voice interactions. Conversationally enabled avatars can speak with a mind of their own, and with our proprietary speech engine, they can sound like a real person. And because the SILVIA platform supports Unity, it’s simple to add conversational intelligence to any Unity-based project on any platform or device.

Enterprise Solution Voice Order 01


SILVIA is a flexible and conversational natural language solution for enterprise business. SILVIA can be deployed in systems for analytics, finance, education, healthcare, CRM, manufacturing, retail, marketing and more. With a simple suite of tools, the SILVIA platform allows for rapid and easy development and provides a cost-effective alternative to large Cloud-based platforms.

Technology that Speaks for Itself

As a multimedia conversational intelligence that can work anywhere, SILVIA is the perfect interface for speaking to machines, accessing the internet, interacting with avatars, and connecting with a new medium of intelligent augmented services that are only now becoming possible. Have a look at just a few of the things that SILVIA can do.