The Platform for Conversational Intelligence

Revolutionary Technologies

for Conversational Applications

VR/AR, Simulation and Games

SILVIA is fully fueled and on the pad, ready to launch with the next generation of immersive user experiences. Our conversational AI brings 3D worlds to life with expressive, engaging characters and voice interactions. We believe that integrated conversational intelligence is mission-critical to the future of user interfaces and once you experience SILVIA, so will you.

Mobile Devices and IoT

SILVIA is the only comprehensive NLP solution on the planet that will run natively and securely inside small devices. Android? iOS? Embedded Linux? Not a problem, and with SILVIA's small runtime size and effecient intelligence engine, SILVIA is ready to provide a shared conversational experience on the next generation of inexpensive interconnected devices.

Enterprise Solutions

SILVIA is a flexible and conversational natural language solution for enterprise business. SILVIA can be deployed in systems for analytics, finance, education, healthcare, CRM, manufacturing, retail and more. SILVIA for Enterprise doesn't compromise when it comes to ease of development and deployment, and incorporates the same suite of tools used for portable and embedded applications.


Portable Runtime Engine

Keep your payload light and secure by deploying the SILVIA Core as an integrated runtime for engaging conversational applications on mobile, desktop, or custom embedded solutions. SILVIA doesn't compromise when it comes to stellar portable user experiences.

VR/AR and Game Ready

Out of the box, the SILVIA Platform easily integrates with Unity application projects. With graphic tools, drag-and-drop prefabs and scripts, and the included example projects for VR/AR, games and 3D avatars, SILVIA makes it simple to bring out-of-this-world conversational AI to your virtual environments and characters.

Complete Developer Platform

SILVIA comes with graphic content management tools, cross-platform libraries, APIs for programmers, example projects and more so that your flight crew, big or small, can get off the launch pad and into orbit in no time with real world applications.

Server and Cloud

SILVIA Server is a scalable, efficient system for multi-user conversational intelligence. Whether over the web, a secure network, or for IVR applications, our language and domain independent solution gives you a comprehensive flight path to rapid deployment of engaging user experiences.

Experience SILVIA

Seeing and Hearing is Believing

You may think you've time-travelled to the future but the SILVIA Platform is here today. SILVIA's proactive conversational interactions, engaging avatars in virtual worlds, and her new voice output system provide user experiences that were once only imagined in science fiction. Take a look at the future of immersive, intelligent applications.

SILVIA AI in Immersive Gaming

SILVIA as a 3D Avatar

SILVIA in Mobile Apps and Games