About Us

Cognitive Code Corporation is a privately-held company. Since 2007 we’ve been specializing in the development and deployment of practical conversational conversational intelligence systems, based on our proprietary patented SILVIA technologies.

SILVIA is a complete system for the development and deployment of intelligent applications to almost any computing platform or operating system, with a technological core that allows humans to interact with computers in completely natural and intuitive ways. Designed with developers in mind, the SILVIA Platform is optimized for rapid development, and SILVIA applications can be deployed to web servers, desktops, and mobile devices. Our SILVIA Core can even run natively on tablets, smartphones, and other embedded systems.

Cognitive Code has proudly teamed with some of the largest global brands in such areas as big data, healthcare, finance, video gaming, manufacturing, and information technology, as well as with government agencies spanning a wide spectrum including defense, intelligence, and education, all using SILVIA knowledge-based solutions.

Our Mission

Cognitive Code is committed in bridging the gap and changing the lives of both consumers and businesses by connecting their computer applications with the most innovative and advanced on-command conversational artificial intelligent core technologies available today..

Our patented technology provides sophisticated business tools that help our partners increase their sales, reduce their costs, and enhance their overall business efficiencies and processes. We aim to always exceed partners’ expectations and offer total, no-compromise satisfaction and continually strive to offer up-to-date, value-added solutions to meet their needs.