Cognitive Code’s SILVIA Technology: Is This The Future of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? Jan 04, 2016 There’s a big difference between interactive chatbots and the promise of smart interfaces with a mind of their own. Two people looking beyond the chatbot are Leslie Spring and Mimi Chen, co-founders of Cognitive Code, which developed SILVIA (Symbolically Isolated Linguistically Variable Intelligence Algorithms), a patented conversational intelligence platform. PCMag went to the San Fernando Valley in California to meet with them recently and find out more.
World of Warcraft and Diablo III Producer Alex Mayberry Joins Cognitive Code Oct 12, 2015 Cognitive Code Corporation announced that former Blizzard Entertainment developer Alex Mayberry has joined the company. Cognitive Code Corporation is a technology firm that develops and deploys “practical conversational intelligence systems.”
SILVIA – An Intelligent Assistant Platform Whose Time Has Come Dec 30, 2013 Sometimes you’re too early to market with an idea or a technology that’s ahead of its time. That might have been the case with Cognitive Code’s SILVIA platform. But time has been catching up and SILVIA is well positioned to meet growing market demand.
Cognitive Code Signs Licensing Agreement With Northrop Grumman Dec 08, 2013 Cognitive Code have signed a software licensing agreement that gives Northrop Grumman broad access to Cognitive Code’s patented SILVIA® Platform and Technologies for use in defense and other government markets.
Northrop Grumman Deploys Cognitive Code’s SILVIA Technologies To Launch SAdie Nov 28, 2013 Northrop Grumman Corporation unveils revolutionary conversational intelligence technology.
SILVIA Showcases Game Changing Conversational
Interface Technology
June 18, 2013 WBT Innovation Technology Marketplace
SILVIA The Next Big Thing…Mind Blowing Technology September 17, 2007 Tech Crunch