The SILVIA Revolution Is Here – Your Space Is Our Space

The SILVIA Platform is a robust, flexible system for deploying conversational intelligence almost anywhere there is a computing device. This means that there is a SILVIA solution for almost any application and almost any business. With SILVIA’s unique and patented approach to rapid development and cutting edge user experiences, licensees and partners can realize the benefits of our platform in short order.

SILVIA’s patented technologies are the most advanced, flexible and portable system on the planet for creating the next wave of immersive conversational experiences. Designed from the ground up with developers in mind, the SILVIA Platform is built for speed to accelerate your real-world application development. And unlike other natural language solutions, our lightweight SILVIA Core can run directly and securely on devices to provide rich engaging user experiences with no server connection required.

Whether you are developing portable and embedded applications, games, VR/AR experiences, or need an enterprise solution to address your large-scale business needs, SILVIA has got you covered.

Cognitive Code offers a wide range of solutions and products for businesses and consumer vertical uses of all types. SILVIA’s Conversational Intelligence applications are accelerating as more and more companies are using it.

SILVIA – Frequently Asked Questions

What is SILVIA?
SILVIA is a platform for developing conversational, intelligent application experiences. That’s a fancy way of saying we make software and devices listen and talk like a person. We think we do this better than anyone else.

How can I get SILVIA applications for my (phone/computer/device)?
Our licensees and strategic partners have been building SILVIA applications for their customers, but we will be announcing consumer applications soon. Stay tuned to this frequency to receive transmissions about upcoming releases.

I am an Indie developer. How can I get SILVIA developer tools?
We have been busy supporting our existing licensees and partners. However, we are creating a special set of SILVIA tools for indie developers like you, so keep your com channel open to this site for more news about our developer tools.

How does SILVIA work?
SILVIA models human thoughts and language in clever ways that allow her to run very efficiently on small devices or for multiple users in larger configurations. There are many layers to SILVIA’s patented core algorithms, all in the service of rapid development and engaging, immersive user experiences. Explore the “Innovation” part of the site to find out more.

SILVIA’s Business Based Solutions

  • Big Data
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Education / Simulation and Training
  • Healthcare
  • Mobile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Live Agent Virtual Assistants
  • Online & Offline Retail
  • Intelligent Kiosks
  • Security & Due Diligence
  • Manufacturing

Complete Developer Platform

SILVIA comes with graphic content management tools, cross-platform libraries, APIs for programmers, example projects and more so that your flight crew, big or small, can get off the launch pad and into orbit in no time with real world applications.