SILVIA For Virtual Reality, Simulation, and Gaming

Over the past several years, advances in computer processing and visual effects have enabled game developers to create the most detailed and realistic characters ever seen before in interactive entertainment. Yet in spite of these visual improvements, interacting with computer controlled characters has remained relatively unchanged. User interactions generally rely on the same old mechanics of selecting from text options, listening to canned responses, or sitting through cinematic sequences that move the story along. While these characters may look impressive, they still essentially act like mindless puppets sticking to a script.

At Cognitive Code, we are utilizing our SILVIA artificial intelligence platform to develop a brand new kind of character for video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and digital entertainment. A SILVIA based virtual character has a brain and a voice, and can communicate through conversation just like a normal human being. A character powered by SILVIA becomes an active participant in any story, with its own personality and motivations, who can communicate directly with the user through the spoken word or written text.

The SILVIA artificial intelligence platform has been tailored for game development. Our SILVIA Studio editor allows developers to create new content easily and rapidly, without any significant technical overhead. The built-in scripting tools provide direct control over how SILVIA characters interact with the virtual world. Out of the box, the SILVIA Platform easily integrates with Unity application projects. Complete with graphic tools, drag-and-drop prefabs and scripts, and included example projects for VR, AR, 3D Avatars, and traditional gaming, SILVIA makes it simple to bring out-of-this-world conversational AI to your virtual worlds and characters.

Cognitive Code’s proprietary text-to-speech system provides the ability to record and customize character voices that sound just like natural human beings. This system allows captured content to be efficiently reused, providing significantly more variations than traditional voice recording, while keeping costs low and time requirements to a minimum. And because SILVIA is language independent, content can easily be localized to other regions.

Best of all, SILVIA can run natively on any system, eliminating the overhead of servers and cloud computing. In addition, since SILVIA’s memory and processing requirements are so minimal, it will have virtually no impact on game performance.

SILVIA’s proactive conversational interactions allow developers to create engaging and life-like avatars in virtual worlds, and her voice output system provides user experiences that were once only imagined in science fiction. Take a look at the future of immersive, intelligent characters for interactive entertainment.


  • Conversationally Intelligent Virtual Characters
  • Unparalleled Natural Language Processing
  • Understanding of Context and Meaning
  • Easy and Powerful Development Tools
  • Proprietary Natural Speech Output System
  • Robust APIs for Programmers
  • C# Scripting Tools
  • Unity Integration
  • High Performance
  • Low Memory Footprint
  • Low System Requirements
  • No Need for Expensive Servers
  • Graphic Content Management Tools
  • Cross-Platform Libraries
  • Language Independent and Easily Localized
  • Documentation and Sample Projects Provided